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    Ambleside (17)
    Country Orchard (11)
    Rambling Rose (15)
    Six Pounds Per Metre (118)
    Seven Pounds Per Metre (66)
    Eight Pounds Per Metre (12)
    Feed Company (24)
    French General (26)
    Lily and Will Remnants (12)
    William Morris Fabrics (6)
    William Morris Remnants (5)
    Moda Remnants (174)
    Books only FIVE POUNDS (20)
    Books Under TEN POUNDS (160)
    Books On Sale (251)
    Hoffman Bali Pops (3)
    Batiks on Sale (69)
    Patterns (19)
    Moda Jelly Roll Sale (12)
    Moda Charm Packs Sale (16)
    Moda Layer Cake Sale (14)
    Fat Quarters on Sale (25)
    Half Metres on Sale (14)
    One Metre Cuts (7)
    Wadding Packets (6)
    Wadding Rolls (5)
    DVDs (7)
    Novels (5)
    Love U (6)
    Design (1)
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There are currently a total of 30 subcategories within this SALE category.
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Ambleside - 18602-12
Country Orchard - 2753-17
Rambling Rose - 17797-12
Six Pounds Per Metre - 17811-13
Seven Pounds Per Metre - 1-14793-14
Eight Pounds Per Metre - 1-13634-19
Feed Company - 5576-14
French General - 1-13541-12
Lily and Will Remnants - 2802-12
William Morris Fabrics - 8174-16
William Morris Remnants - 8170-14
Moda Remnants - 1-39504-13
Books only FIVE POUNDS - B01PN0965
Books Under TEN POUNDS - B01CR1123
Books On Sale - B01CL1710
Hoffman Bali Pops - 0HFBP-TIR
Batiks on Sale - 3343-619
Patterns - P1104
Moda Jelly Roll Sale - 3500JR
Moda Charm Packs Sale - 3500CP
Moda Layer Cake Sale - 32900LC
Fat Quarters on Sale - FQS10091
Half Metres on Sale - HMS1017
One Metre Cuts - OMS1016
Wadding Packets - W2500
Wadding Rolls - W3005
DVDs - DVD006
DVDs (7)
Novels - B5014
Novels (5)
Love U - 19360-11
Love U (6)
Design - B0D1027D
Design (1)

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